What is Nyepi? Here things you need to know about Bali Silent Day

Nyepi is one of Hindu festivals that is uniquely celebrated. Hindu's usually celebrate Nyepi by doing 4 types of preservation, namely amati geni (no fire / not using and or turning on the fire), amati karya (not working), amati lelungan (not traveling), and amati lelanguan (not listening to entertainment).

In 2019, Nyepi falls on March 7, 2019 starting at 6 am until 6 am next day. Before Nyepi day, people performed melasti ceremony to the sea or lake which can purify and eliminate all bad and dirty things in humans and nature. One day before Nyepi (pengrupukan), you can watch the Ogoh-ogoh parade that embodies the drive away from the surrounding environment.

For those of you who pass the holiday at the moment of Nyepi, we recommended you to book accommodation for 2 nights, this is because March 7, 2019, is not allowed to check-in or check out from the accommodations. Even the international airport does not operate during Nyepi.

You can feel a different holiday in Bali on Nyepi. Quiet atmosphere, clean air, and a starry night sky ... many things you can do especially as a moment of self reflection and family time. If your daily life is distract by smartphones and social media, so social life with your family decreases, Nyepi is moment for you to feel 'breath' and more relax. You can do yoga, meditation, and read books. Enjoy Nyepi as a positive thing.

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