Watercress Cafe Ubud

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Watercress Cafe Ubud

Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Gianyar 80571, Bali, Indonesia

+62 361976127

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Watercress Rustic Breakfast

All day, every day we serve up our delicious rustic breakfast. It's full of color, flavour and goodness. Inspired by our hometown, Byron Bay, which shares so much with Bali... good times, family, sun, sea and surf. We believe it's never the wrong time for two perfectly poached eggs over crunchy chat potatoes, rosemary butter mushrooms and peppery rocket thrown together with goat cheese and balsamic reduction or perhaps free range poached eggs over crispy sweet corn fritters, chunky avocado salsa, chili jam, sour cream and grilled bacon. Seriously, it's that good.

Revolver Coffee Buzz

To say we take our coffee seriously would be an understatement. Our latte glasses were hand carried from Australia because we couldn’t find the right size glasses in Indonesia. We work closely with acclaimed barista / coffee guru, Katie Allen from Revolver. Our house blend is 100% Arabica from Colombia, Guatemala and Papua. Fresh milk comes from expat Australian cows living in Java (yes they have visa's). But most importantly we always pour a double ristretto.... a single shot of coffee passing through a double hit of coffee grind. That means you get pure golden crema goodness which makes for the best coffee, full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot simply won't give you. All this coffee snobery is pulled through our gorgeous retro Marzocco at the hands of our expert baristas. Obsessed... only a little. We welcome you to linger over a perfect cup or swing by for a quick coffee-to-go.

Home Made Cakes

Every morning while the roosters are still sleeping Monsieur Spoon wakes up at 4am and rolls out of bed. He does it for one reason only... his mad passion for baking the best croissants this side of Paris. They're crisp and flaky on the outside light and buttery on the inside... I’ve heard the word transcendental being used and that’s just the beginning... Moist carrot cake, creamy oreo cheese cake, flour less orange and almond cake, rich gooey lava cake with organic vanilla ice cream, salted caramel slices, pecan pie, and freshly baked cookies... all divine and all available every day at Watercress.

Ala Carte Lunch

As if the showcase wasn't enough, we have an awesome ala carte menu, with fresh, healthy and super tasty options like plush salads, open sandwiches and big burgers... Try our wickedly good mahi mahi burger with crispy capers and sweet marinated peppers, or maybe a big salad bowl full of organic mixed greens roasted pumpkin and beetroot, pesto, couscous, goats cheese and more.

Watercress Malam

Welcome to Watercress Malam. We invite you to join us in a celebration of rustic world flavors. Everything is made from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients from our gardens, seas & land. Our food philosophy is simple; to bring super fresh & healthy food to you in a spirit of sharing and abundance. We love to cook with zesty yellow lemons, rough sea salt, freshly ground spices, nutty olive oil and bright green herbs; deliciously punchy flavors that promise to tantalize your taste buds, filling your belly & soul. Reservations recommended.

The Wine Bar

The moment you step upstairs you immediately appreciate the lofty breeze kissing forest trees around our well stocked wine bar. A truly intimate setting is wonderfully accented by vintage chandeliers, rich hardwood floors, hand made artisan tiles and high vaulted ceilings. Come for happy hour, stay for an amazing dinner, linger over wine and lively conversation with your loved ones.



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