Tegal Wangi Beach

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Tegal Wangi Beach

Jalan Tegal Wangi, Badung 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Tegal Wagi beach has a unique view so exotic than other beaches in Bali, high cliffs and green trees around it seemed like at the beach dreamland. Travelers who visit this beach will be welcomed by the waves with very clean water. i will give you detail how to find tegal wangi beach and what you will see here. read all to have imagine before visit tegal wangi beach

To reach the tegalwangi beach not difficult, you just need to find in the map and the road to get there is good. To make it easier find ayana resort and spa in jimbaran. If you see entrance gate hotel turn right, look at the picture above. follow the road until you find the beach and tegal wangi temple. park your car here. lets start explore tegalwangi beach.

If you come in the afternoon, the first thing you see is the beauty of the Tegal wangi Beach sunset in the middle of the ocean. Yes this beach is sought because, the beauty of the sunset. To reach the beach you have to climb down the cliff, but not high. There is no good road just ruins the rocks that we can use for the road to reach the beach.

Until at the beach you will see the beauty of the beach with white sand. Big waves and sunsets make you feel at home on this beach. If you look towards the west coast, you will see ayana rock bar ( the famous place in jimbaran to see sunset ) and at the end of the shoreline you will see the balangan beach from long distance. This place is an option if you do not want to visit the ayana rock bar.

The interesting thing on this beach is you will find a natural Tegal Wangi Beach Jacuzzi, formed by the waves and create a small pool that you can use to soak while watching the sunset. fell free while enjoy the beach and sunset.

For travelers from east asia, like taiwan, south korea, japan, tegalwangi beach very famous. The tourists are using Tegal Wangi Beach Wedding. With the background sunset photos results is very good, and some fashion magazine also display many wedding photos here.

At night the scenery here is also beautiful, in the southeast part of the Pantai tegal wangiyou will see the rows of lights from ayana rock bar and in the north you will see the beauty of jimbaran bay famous for seafood on the beach, featuring lights lining the seaside. You will also see planes landing and flying at Ngurah Rai airport, which is very visible from this beach.


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